Hip-Hop A’int Dead

Hip Hop Ain't Dead.jpg

I’m not here to argue whether or not the above statement “Hip-Hop Ain’t Dead” is true, but instead I’m here to let you know that hip-hop clubs and bars in the city are alive and well.

With the recent boom in EDM it seems impossible to find the good old hip-hop spots. I do love EDM, but I grew up dancing to Lil John (“Get Low”), 50 Cent (“In Da Club”), Young Joc (“It’s Going Down”) and all the other hip-hop artists that no longer seem relevant. And they may not have been the best rappers, but their songs are still some of the best  ‘bangers’ in the club. Whenever “Swag Surf” comes on you can be sure that the club is going to start rocking, it truly never fails. So if this is true, why do such few places play hip hop anymore??? I ask myself this question quite often, but luckily there are a few places that still understand the power of hip-hop. These places know that whether they play Biggie  or Fetty, the crowd will love them for it because we yearn for the music that taught us our first dance moves. Our arms and legs ache for movement other than fist pumping and jumping. We want to dougie. We want to nae nae. We want to DANCE. This is Hip-Hop!

Weekday Spots

Souk.jpgLe Souk – Twerk Mondays and Luv Wednesdays
Attic – Thursday “I love the 90’s”
Up & Down.jpg
Up & Down – Thursday

Friday & Saturday Spots

NMP2.jpgNo Malice Palace
Pianos.jpgPianos (Upstairs)
The DL.jpg
The DL
Chantelle 2.jpgHotel Chantelle
bOb.jpgbOb Bar
Delancey.jpgThe Delancey
Taj.jpgTaj Lounge
Ginny’s Supper Club of Red Rooster
Sweet & Vicious.jpg
Sweet and Vicious

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