NYC Nightlife

“Started out at The Darby, ended up at 1 Oak. Left the house with 100 grand, ended up near broke” – Jay-Z

Jay-Z’s lyrics are all to real for nightlife in NYC. The city has some of the best clubs in the World, but they certainly are not cheap, even for Jay-Z. The difference though, is that he doesn’t have to worry about getting in, waiting in line or getting bumped by crowds. A lot of people don’t like clubs for many of these reasons, but if you do it right then it ends up being a night to remember. For those that love to dance and stay in one spot all night, the bar hopping doesn’t always cut it. There’s something memorable about dancing all night with your friends in the club and talking about it for the next few days.

The challenge is finding the right club on the right night. Clubs come and go in this city so it’s not always easy being in the know. Some of my favorite clubs such as Finale, Greenhouse and Pacha are all closed now. It’s easier finding a party on a Friday and Saturday night, but honestly the best parties are during all the other times of the week when you’re not suppose to be partying. You can party any day of the week from 1 OAK on Tuesdays to Bagatelle brunches on Saturdays. All of these clubs are a good time on Friday and Saturday night, but its the other days that make them unique.

My only advice is to look up what DJ is playing at the club that night and purchase tickets if possible. My NYC Concerts page provides some of the DJs performing. Remember that the club is only as fun as the DJ. There are a lot more clubs in the city that I will share in future post, but these are sure to keep you busy dancing in the meanwhile. 

Cielo.jpgMonday Night, Cielo
1 Oak.pngTuesday Night, 1 OAK
Avenue.jpgTuesday Night, Avenue
Marquee.jpgWednesday Night, Marquee
Lavo.jpgThursday Night and Saturday Brunch, LAVO
Verboten.jpgFriday and Saturday Night, Verboten
Bagatelle.jpegSaturday Brunch, Bagatelle
PHD.jpgSaturday Sunset Party, PHD
Highline Ballroom 2.jpgSaturday Night, Highline Ballroom
Goldbar.jpgSunday Funday, Goldbar

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