Celebrating Black History Month


Today marks the start of Black History Month, which is usually not marked on most of our calendars. This post will provide you with some engaging and entertaining events, so get ready to mark your calendars. Even as an African American myself, there are still several perspectives in the African American community that I am unaware of. American history is one of several cultures and this month provides a great opportunity for all of us to gain more insight into the African American culture.

One of the best parts of living in a city is the opportunity to meet people from all backgrounds. New York City is truly the definition of a ‘melting pot’, but one of the ironies is that cultures don’t always ‘melt’ together. This list of events will hopefully provide you the chance to ‘melt’ with one of the many cultures in your city. Whether you decide to walk the streets of Harlem like Martin Luther King, watch a documentary about the black panthers or listen to the Harlem Chamber Players, you will gain a new perspective, while also having a good time.

Hope that you are able to attend some of the events. For those that are not in New York, please do the same as every major city will have a variety of Black History Month events. Enjoy and let me know about your experiences. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you are aware of future post.


BHS2Why New York? Slavery on Long Island
Brooklyn Historical Society February 4

brooklynmuseum.jpgFirst Saturdays: Radical Black History
Brooklyn Museum February 6

Harlem Walk Tour2.jpgHistoric Harlem Walking Tour
Schomburg Center February 6, 19, 28

Black Panthers.jpegThe Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution
Apollo February 7
Black Presidency.jpgBetween the Lines: Michael Eric Dyson and Joy Reid
Schomburg Center February 17

Arsenal Gallery.jpgAmerica: The Legacy of African American Public Service
Arsenal Gallery January 21 – February 26

Harlem Chamber PLayers.jpgThe Harlem Chamber Players
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church February 27

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