Will You Be My Valentine?


Welcome to henrislist, a blog about creating unique and memorable experiences  in New York City and around the World.  This is the first post and I’m excited for the start of this journey with you.

Hope you are enjoying MLK weekend if you have the day off. The next holiday weekend is President’s Day weekend, but who really cares about President’s Day. The true next big holiday is Valentine’s Day, which is less than a month away, so it’s time to start planning reservations. And by reservations, I do not just mean dinner reservations. There is nothing wrong with dinner, but why not use Valentine’s Day to spice it up.

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, which should help with reservations as you have four days to celebrate so there will be no excuses for not doing something GRAND. This is the year of thinking outside of the box for the special day and I’m here to help. Below are my top picks on how to delight and surprise your better half for Valentine’s Day in the Big Apple, but several of these activities are available in most major cities. Each event offers a unique experience that enables you to connect with your date outside of a loud restaurant. From ice sculptures to cooking classes to helicopter rides, you will create a shared memory that your date will never forget. The events may vary in price and romance, but they share creativity.

Let me know your thoughts and what else you guys have planned for your significant other. I hope the ladies are also planning something as this day should be about the both of you.

Central Park Ice Sculpture.JPGIce Sculpture Contest and Silent Disco, Central Park February 13

Spa Castle.jpgSpa Castle Premier 57
Aire Ancient Baths

Paint Class.jpgThe Paint Place
Paint Nite
Painting Lounge

Wollman Rink.jpgWollman Ice Skating Rink
The Rink at Rock Center
Bryant Park Ice Skating Rink

Sur La Table 2.pngSur La Table Cooking Class

Apotheke.pngApotheke Academy Mixology Class

Helicopter Ride.jpgLiberty Helicopter Tour

Salsa 2.pngDance Manhattan

Spirit Cruises 2.jpgSpirit and Bateaux Cruises

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